Pupil Absence

Sickness Reporting

Parents and Carers should contact school as soon as possible (preferably before 9am) on the first day of their child's absence by:

Phoning school 01943 883000 (Option 1) (a message can be left on the answering machine)

Texting school on 07624 812309

If a child is absent from school, Parents and Carers must contact school as soon as possible on the first day of absence and on each subsequent day.

The Three Categories for Pupil Absence

There are three categories for pupil absence:

  • Sickness Reporting
  • Medical Appointments
  • Leave of Absence

Medical Appointments

Please ensure that the medical appointment details are shown to the Form Tutor and times of absence are written in the Pupil Planner,  so that school is aware when the child will be absent.

Emergency medical appointments: contact school by phone, text or email and please bring evidence of the appointment on the pupil’s return to school.

These requirements are in line with our safeguarding procedures.

Leave of Absence Form

The leave of absence form must be completed for any absence other than sickness. Please note that this form must be received by school at least 10 school days before the absence.
For example:

  • Music examinations
  • Cadet/Guide camp
  • Sport camp

St. Mary’s complies with the North West Area Inclusion Partnership arrangements for granting pupil Leave of Absence during term time. The Education Regulations 2006 amendment makes it clear that headteachers may only grant Leave of Absence in exceptional circumstances. Family holidays taken during term time are recorded as unauthorised.

Leave of absence forms and guidelines can be downloaded below or collected from Pupil Reception. Once school receives the completed application for absence in term time, the headteacher's response is then sent to parents, stating authorised/unauthorised leave, with an explanation where appropriate.

North West Leeds Schools Absence in Term Time Application Form (WORD)

North West Leeds Schools Absence in Term Time Policy Statement (PDF)

Attendance Increases Success

There is strong evidence that attendance is linked to performance in schools.

At St. Mary’s we strive for each pupil to achieve their full potential. Consequently, excellent attendance is encouraged from all pupils. Those achieving 100% attendance are rewarded with a certificate at the end of each year, with a more significant prize awarded to those with 100% attendance across Key Stage 3.

Lateness and Absence Campaign

Online and posters around school campaign.


5 minutes late each day = 3 days off in a school year


95% attendance = 9.5 days off in a school year = Quarter of a school year missed during Year 7 to Year 11