Pupil Planner

Last updated: 05/09/2019

All students are issued with a pupil planner at the beginning of the academic year.
It is the point of daily contact between home and school. It contains general day to day information including the pupil's timetable as well as the Pupil Promise and Home/School Agreement.
The planner is used to convey messages between home and school. 
Form tutors will check the planner every week and parents/carers are asked to do likewise. Look for opportunities to praise children following notification of merits and commendations.

The Pupil Promise (2019–20)

I will:

  • Promise to reflect the St. Mary’s Values, based on the teachings of Christ.

  • Attend school regularly and on time, properly equipped and in full school uniform.

  • Take pride in my work, both school work and homework – and always make sure it is the best I can do.

  • Help keep our school environment pleasant, clean and tidy.

  • Respect all staff and other adults at all times.

  • Treat all other pupils with politeness, courtesy and respect.

  • Treat School property with respect. I will return all textbooks and library books promptly when requested.

  • Abide by the Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy as published on the school website

The Home/School Agreement (2019–20)

Schools must have a written ‘home/school agreement’. This is for all pupils and parents, not just new pupils.

The School, we will:

☑️ Contact parents if there is a persistent and serious problem with attendance, punctuality, behaviour on school transport, uniform or equipment.

☑️ Let parents know about any concerns or problems which affect their child’s work or behaviour.

☑️ Send progress data in December and July. The July report includes an annual Fortm Tutor report.

☑️ Set, assess and monitor homework and classwork regularly.

☑️ Provide and update emergency contact name and numbers for school use by using the Parent App or contacting school.

☑️ Arrange Parents’ Evenings during which progress will be discussed with individual subject teachers by appointment.

☑️ Keep parents informed about school activities, special events, policies and notices through regular letters, newsletters, the Learning Platform, school website, Twitter.

(School Representative’s Signature)

The Parent(s)/Guardian(s), I will:

❏ Ensure that my child goes to school regularly, on time and properly equipped.

❏ Try to inform the school about any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.

❏ Support the school’s policies, guidelines and sanctions for behaviour and uniform.

❏ Support my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning.

❏ Whenever possible, attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.

❏ Give permission for my son/daughter to take part in extra-curricular activities and fixtures.

❏ Provide and update emergency contact name and numbers for school use. This can be done by using the Parent App or phoning school.

❏ Grant permission for photographs/videos of my child to be used in printed and electronic publicity materials generated by St. Mary’s.

❏ Be aware of the responsibilities of my child using the school computer network and their abidance of the ICT Acceptable Use Policy.

❏ Accept responsibility for any valuable items including phones and iPods which my son/daughter chooses to bring to school.

❏ I understand St. Mary’s Charging policy for School property lost, defaced or damaged by my child. I agree to comply with the policy.

(Parent or Carer’s Signature)

It is essential that you take your planner, with the emergency contact details completed, to any out-of-school extra-curricular activity.

Emergency Contact Details


(Telephone number(s))

Emergency Closure of the School Procedures

In the exceptional circumstances that the school is forced to close during the school day, parents/guardians will receive a ‘Connect-Ed’ text message to inform them of this. A message will also be posted on the school website www.stmarysmenston.org

School buses will be called for, although the time of their arrival cannot be determined in advance. In order to allow a safe journey home for all pupils, parents/guardians are asked to indicate the preferred travel arrangements in such conditions.

(Please tick as appropriate)

Parent/guardian will collect pupil from school

Pupil to travel home on the school bus

Pupil to walk home/make own way home

Pupil to travel home with another pupil’s parent

Other (please state below)

(Parent or Carer's Signature)