Reasons for Participating in Sport

Last updated: 06/06/2018

“Sport has the potential to add so much to a person’s all-round education.”
— Sir Trevor Brooking

At St. Mary's we looked at the many reasons to enjoy sport.

What do researchers from around the world say about the importance of Sport in schools?

The evidence is very strong: Young people who are involved in regular sport and high quality physical education tend to:

  • be fitter
  • be healthier
  • do better academically
  • have better attendance
  • are better behaved
  • have positive attitude
  • have greater self belief and confidence
  • have better social and communication skills 

Student Perspectives

We asked our pupils to consider 'what is the power of sport?'

Sport has the power to:

  • inspire
  • motivate
  • bring joy
  • give hope
  • bring people together
  • bring nations together
  • break down barriers
  • give people confidence
  • develop leaders
  • promote education
  • enable people to achieve
  • promote health and wellbeing
  • build self esteem
  • develop social skills
  • build communities
  • reduce crime
  • develop teamwork
  • encourage positive lifestyles
  • develop creativity
  • develop independence
  • promote discipline
  • enrich lives
  • develop determination
  • create employment
  • help resolve conflict
  • encourage perseverance
  • develop good character
  • encourage fair play
  • develop respect for self and others
  • help you make friends
  • teach you values
  • let you have fun
  • lift people’s spirits
  • develop skills, knowledge and understanding
  • give a common purpose to people
  • promote a concern for others
  • develop communication skills
  • develop valuable life skills

Photo: Trampolining, Open Day 2014

Photo: Trampolining, Open Day 2014