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Key Stage 3

All students study Science during Key Stage 3 and receive 6 lessons every fortnight. Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes.

English Mathematics Science Physical Education Religious Education Tutorial Art Design and Technology Drama French Geography History 4 6 6 4 1 6 2 2 5 3 3 Information Technology Music 2 2 4
  • Lessons include: games, clips, written work, modelling, role playing, presentations, research and practical activities.
  • Some examples of practical activities are: using a Bunsen burner, combining substances to react, microscopy work, measuring forces, testing out designs, distillation and dissection.
  • You will be able to check your progress through regular assessed work and be given feedback to help you move forward in your understanding and skills.
  • We have a large Science Department with laboratories, equipment, IT resources and a broad range of specialist teachers who are friendly and enjoy discussing science
  • There is a Science Club after school on a Tuesday, where you get to explore ideas and carry out experiments that don’t have to relate to the curriculum!

Key Stage 4

For more information, please see our Key Stage 4 Subject Information booklet.

Sixth Form

For more information, please see our Level 3 Subject Information booklet.


The Stephen Botterill Award for Excellence in the Physics of Forces and Motion

The Stephen Botterill Award for excellence in the physics of force and motion is awarded annually.

The prize is to remember and celebrate the life of Stephen Botterill. 

Stephen was a St. Mary’s Menston pupil who loved steam power and physics.


The Molybdenum Prize for creative thinking in Chemistry

The Molybdenum Prize is to remember and celebrate the life of Mrs Mo Hooley.

Mo was an inspirational teacher whose love of Chemistry was recognised by everyone. She always put the needs of the children first and was a colleague, mentor and friend to many staff.