Senior Students’ Welcome

Last updated: 10/07/2019

Our Senior Students 2019–20: Ciaran Hammond, Louisa Morris, Tom Allan and May Gavin

Louisa Morris, Head Girl


"It is an absolute pleasure to be representing St. Mary’s as Head Girl for the coming academic year. I hope to fulfil the role with enthusiasm and trust from fellow students, staff and members of the community and I aim to work with the school to maintain the high standard which St. Mary’s offers. I am excited to spend my last year at St. Mary’s in such an important role and hope to reinforce our school’s excellent values throughout the year which help to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all.

St. Mary’s offers full encouragement to students in order for them to reach their full potential. We want all to be the best they can possibly be, which I believe is shown year in, year out, through the outstanding range of students’ talents and skills. The support from staff in a well-developed learning environment allows students to contribute wonderfully to the success of the school. The true sense of community and diverse spirit of the school allows pupils to feel comfortable and accepted in everything they do. Through my time at St. Mary’s, I have been able to grow as a person and I am now in a position where I have the ability to help younger students through that same process.

The school offers many incredible opportunities, such as the World Challenge programme, the Bambisanani Partnership and the Lourdes Pilgrimage. Having had the chance to travel to Costa Rica in the summer of 2018, myself and others have each returned with new memories, friends and the school values of ‘Faithfulness, Humility, Truth, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Dignity, Service and Respect’ in a different perspective. These special experiences help to produce a stronger and more positive mind-set for future success.

Once again, I am truly honoured to be representing the school as Head Girl and hope that I can give back to the school what I have been given over the past six years.”

Tom Allan, Head Boy


"I’m very excited and proud to represent St. Mary’s on behalf of the senior students. I see this as a chance to give back to a school which has been so inclusive and allowed me to improve skills such as leadership, public-speaking and being a team-player. The school is inviting and friendly, and students are encouraged to be the best they can be.

Students at St. Mary’s are given so many opportunities such as the Bambisanani Partnership visit which I was lucky enough to take part in. This experience was truly life changing and I would recommend this to any students who come into our Sixth Form. It was an experience which allowed me to learn and grow outside of the classroom, making new friends and stepping outside my comfort zone. I’ve gained some irreplaceable memories that will stick with me forever.

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Global Warriors group, which is a group of students from across the school working together to try improve our school environmentally, tackling issues such as Climate Change and Fairtrade. This has also opened up personal opportunities such as recently being nominated for the Barbara Ward Award as part of the Million Minutes awards, and visiting the Expert Centre Conference for Schools in London to speak about what our school has achieved in tackling social issues. Also, inviting our local MP Stuart Andrews into school to discuss global issues and what our local area is doing to prevent issues such as climate change, is just a shortlist of many achievements.

St. Mary’s has been the perfect place for me, and hopefully as Head Boy I can retain this and make it the perfect place for so many others."

May Gavin, Deputy Head Girl


“It is with great pride that I, on behalf of all Sixth Form students, welcome you to St. Mary’s as Deputy Head Girl. St. Mary’s is a Catholic voluntary academy, providing outstanding education to all of its students. Over the past six years of studying at St. Mary’s I have felt part of a welcoming and positive community, of which I am now lucky enough to represent. In order to fulfil my new role as Deputy Head Girl, I aim to portray the school’s values of ‘faithfulness, humility, truth, forgiveness, tolerance, dignity, service and respect’ as well as maintaining the high standards that St. Mary’s has accomplished.

St. Mary’s encourages students to perform to their best ability, whilst living by the school’s virtues which have been taught to us from a young age. By living these virtues, we are able to become the best person we can possibly be, so that we may flourish and excel in whatever path we choose to direct ourselves towards. St. Mary’s would not be where it is right now without the continuous support from all staff members, who are always happy to help and go out of their way for every individual student.” 

Ciaran Hammond, Deputy Head Boy


“It is a privilege to welcome you to St. Mary’s on behalf of the Senior Students and Sixth Form. It’s an honour to be elected as Deputy Head Boy in a school which will always strive to achieve success for each individual pupil. St. Mary’s is an amazing school, with Christ at the centre of all we do.

St. Mary’s encourages students to reach their full potential and be the best that they can possibly be in all aspects of school life. The positive learning environment, created by staff and students, allows each individual to develop their skills and unique talents across many areas of the curriculum. St. Mary’s holds the right values to encourage each member of the school community to be the best in whatever area they choose. The positive spirit of the school life can be seen through the endless fundraising and charitable work that is done constantly, and which takes place for our chosen charities.

St. Mary’s offers so many opportunities to the students; I have been lucky enough to be a part of the French Exchange as well as visiting South Africa as a volunteer with the fantastic Bambisanani Partnership, and there are so many more wonderful opportunities. The school offers us the chances to succeed not only in academic studies but also outside of school. I would always encourage people to take any opportunities that come their way.

This school has been very influential in helping me develop as a person both in my studies and general life, making friends and memories that I will have forever. I feel very grateful to be elected into this position as Deputy Head Boy and will do everything I can to give back to this school which has helped me so much over the past six years.” 

Senior Students 2006–20

Academic Year Head Boy and Head Girl Deputies
2006–7 Andrew Hyde and Sophie Burns Jack Minchella and Rebecca Pieniazek
2007–8 Hector Hall and Jess Andrews Philip Ward and Hannah Wilson
2008–9 David Eastwood and Justine Rhodes William Normington and Verity Mullan-Wilkinson
2009–10 Ben Huggon and Olivia Tabel Sam Thomas and Kate Dowden
2010–11 Patrick Smith and Siobahn Fisher Harry Minchella and Jessica Connolly
2011–12 Declan Barry and Freya Kew Luke McKay and Bridget Addison-Child
2012–13 Kieran Devine and Olivia Bendjeloull Olly Hanlon and Rosanna Ellul
2013–14 Kavi Appuhamy and Chloe Tindale Charlie Walker and Charlotte Hatton
2014–15 Myles Hanlon and Molly Jones Karl Verspyck and Caroline Turnbull
2015–16 Benedict Kershaw and Mairenn Collins Elliot Mulligan and Lucy Tindale
2016–17 Oliver Armitage and Amelia Walsh Joe Smith and Rebecca Hyde
2017–18 Lawrence Patterson and Natasha Cooper Jamie Hoar and Phoebe Kendal
2018–19 Ben Clarke and Libby Woffenden
Nicholas Brinkworth and Lily Humphreys
2019–20 Tom Allan and Louisa Morris Ciaran Hammond and May Gavin
Senior Students