Senior Students’ Welcome

Oliver Armitage, Head Boy

"On behalf of the senior student team I wish you a warm welcome to St. Mary's, a school boasting outstanding academic success, and, in my opinion, potential for outstanding individual development of students and teachers alike.

Being elected as Head Boy to represent this school and uphold its values is an extreme privilege. All students are shaped by the culture of tolerance at St. Mary’s, one of our key school values, observable around school both in writing and in action. This particular value allows students to consider diverse and conflicting perspectives to their own, in turn, this raises the standard of the student – staff rapport at our school. 

All pupils are treated as individuals and all members of staff fully implement the values, key to our school's functioning. A student’s potential will be identified and the opportunities offered by the school work simultaneously with our academic prowess to ensure all fulfil their potential and even exceed expectation.  

I share a love for this school found mutually amongst all in this working environment. Pupils are encouraged not only to develop themselves but other students around them as thriving as a majority is much more important to us as a school than just a few excelling individuals. 

It is all these factors and many more that make St. Mary's the school it is and our reputation amongst the local and wider community really reflects all the positive things that take place here."


Amelia Walsh, Head Girl

"Being able to represent St. Mary’s as Head Girl is an absolute honour and privilege. Not only do I hope to fulfil this role to the best of my abilities but I also hope to encourage other students to become involved in opportunities in order for them to develop their own personal qualities to become the best they can possibly be. 

St. Mary’s is not just a place for learning but also a place for socialising, developing as a person and forming life-long friendships. Throughout my time at St. Mary’s I have become a part of a fantastic community that primarily helps you reach your full potential. The constant strive to be the best encourages me to put every effort into my academic studies as well as aiming to become a role model to others, especially students in lower years.  

Each student at St. Mary’s is seen as an individual who can aspire to be whoever they want to be. The variety of opportunities St. Mary’s provides, promotes this idea in allowing and encouraging everyone to become involved. From musical performances in school to global opportunities, such as the Bambisanani Partnership in South Africa, St Mary’s provides something for each and every student to inspire that person to be their best as an individual. 

The role of Head Girl at an outstanding school is not an easy job that I will take lightly but it is another opportunity that St. Mary’s has allowed me to access. Becoming Head Girl has made me realise the importance of aiming for the best as I can now demonstrate everything I have learnt throughout my time at St. Mary’s: being a role model to others, being an ambassador of the school and encouraging every single student to be the best so they can be as proud as I am."


Joseph Smith, Deputy Head Boy

"Being chosen to represent St. Mary's as Deputy Head Boy is a huge honour and I hope to do the role justice.

During my time at St. Mary's many opportunities have been made available to me such as World Challenge and coaching at the Sport On Saturday club. I feel that the position of Deputy Head Boy will allow me to give something back to the school and I am excited to act as the voice of the students and as an ambassador for St. Mary's."

Rebecca Hyde – Deputy Head Girl

"I’m happy to welcome you to St. Mary’s, and feel extremely lucky to be able to do so as Deputy Head Girl. St. Mary’s is a vibrant community, full of opportunities in and out of the curriculum, many of which I have been involved in over the years, enabling me to develop as a student and a leader.

Our school is proud to show its diversity and charity through things such as The Bambisanani Partnership, and the advent appeal. I was lucky enough to take part in the 2016 World Challenge expedition to Nepal, thanks to St. Mary’s. It was an adventure that opened my eyes to worldwide opportunities. I have been able to develop as a leader through extra-curricular music activities, and feel comforted knowing that such opportunities are available to all students here in so many other areas.  

Since year 7 I remember the kind way in which all staff and older students welcomed me on my first day; this feeling has remained throughout the school every day since then. The supportive sentiment which the school values express can be seen in all the staff, and every person who is lucky enough to spend time here."


Senior Students 2006–17

Academic Year Head Boy and Head Girl Deputies
2006–7 Andrew Hyde and Sophie Burns Jack Minchella and Rebecca Pieniazek
2007–8 Hector Hall and Jess Andrews Philip Ward and Hannah Wilson
2008–9 David Eastwood and Justine Rhodes William Normington and Verity Mullan-Wilkinson
2009–10 Ben Huggon and Olivia Tabel Sam Thomas and Kate Dowden
2010–11 Patrick Smith and Siobahn Fisher Harry Minchella and Jessica Connolly
2011–12 Declan Barry and Freya Kew Luke McKay and Bridget Addison-Child
2012–13 Kieran Devine and Olivia Bendjeloull Olly Hanlon and Rosanna Ellul
2013–14 Kavi Appuhamy and Chloe Tindale Charlie Walker and Charlotte Hatton
2014–15 Myles Hanlon and Molly Jones Karl Verspyck and Caroline Turnbull
2015–16 Benedict Kershaw and Mairenn Collins Elliot Mulligan and Lucy Tindale
2016–17 Oliver Armitage and Amelia Walsh Joe Smith and Rebecca Hyde
Senior Students