Destinations of Year 13 Students after St. Mary's

Destinations of Year 13 Students (actual numbers)

2015 2016
Number of students 129 144
Number of students applying to HE (all forms) 108 113
University first choice including deferred entry 81 89
University second choice 13 15
University through clearing 6 6
Gap Year 9 915
Art Colleges 6 1
Repeating Year 13 13 -
Employment 9 15
FE Colleges 1 3

St. Mary's students at Oxbridge

In July 2012, the Department for Education published data showing how many students progressed to further or higher education or training for each school, college and local authority in England. St. Mary's Menston are included in the top ten non-selective schools in the country which send students to Oxbridge.

“We celebrate the success of all of our students and want them to have high aspirations. We also want our young people to progress and achieve and this is another measure which illustrates the hard work of students and staff.”