Sixth Form Student Champions

“The behaviour and role-modelling displayed by students in the sixth form is exemplary. Many are used to support, in a teaching capacity, younger students in academic intervention groups, bullying support and some also deliver assemblies to year groups. This helps build sixth-form students’ confidence even further and gives them the experience of taking substantial responsibilities.”
— Ofsted 2014


Back Row left to right:
Eve Brown, Alex Brantner, Michal Jalowiec, Harry Jackson, Joseph Vincent, Tom Candlish, Annabelle Green, Mary Monaghan, Sophie Andryszewski, Christian Beaumont, Lawrie Seed
Front Row left to right: 
Sophia Wildman, Lauren Doherty, Emily Boswell, Katie Fearnley, Fabrizia Wagstaff-Pignanelli, Rosie Egan, Kimberly Matu, Caitlin Howarth, Niamh Devine, Megan Atkinson, Elisabeth Saldanha

Not Pictured: Olivia Deacon

Student Champions 2017–18 gallery (24 photos)