Website FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last updated: 28/10/2018

Which platform is the website built on?

Is this website GDPR compliant?

Yes. For more details please read our website Privacy statement and Terms of use.

How do I download the St. Mary's Menston logo?


How many pageviews does recieve?

Our website receives 10,000 pageviews a week or 0.5 million pageviews a year - not including our Staff and Student home or social media eg our photos stored on

What is the uptime of the website?

Our website has a high uptime target of 99.9% availability.

We use the free Pingdom service to monitor it automatically.

Where are St. Mary's Menston photos available online? Who can see them?

Our St. Mary's Menston photographs are available in different places:

  • The website (anyone can see these)

  • (anyone can see these)

  • On our school's Twitter account (anyone can see these)

  • The photo library in school, 'P Drive' (school staff only)

Photos of St. Mary's also appear on The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust and Leeds North West School Sports Partnership websites.

How many views DO THE St. MARy's photos on receIve?

3 million views per year.

Who takes the photographs on this website?

Nearly all our photographs (©St. Mary's Menston, all rights reserved), including news stories, are by school staff and Steve Bootle. From time to time, we use photographs by other rights holders, posting credits on our attribution page.

Are the images on 'retina' sharpness?

Many of the images on our website have been designed for retina displays. They display automatically on your device - as long as the screen is capable of displaying them.

We also use SVG files where possible (which are vectors so are perfectly sharp).

Does this website work on Mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android) ?

Yes, it is fully compatible and has been fully redesigned with mobile in mind.

  • Over half the visitors to our website use mobile

  • 89% of our mobile visitors use Apple.

This website passes Google's Mobile Friendly test

Which Desktop browsers are compatible with this website?

  • Google Chrome

  • Safari

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft Edge

Squarespace support page on supported browsers

Check which browser you are running by visting

Where is this website hosted?

It is hosted in Squarespace's Datacentre. 

Is this website environmentally friendly?

  • Yes, because it is very environmentally friendly to store thousands of websites on one server


Duncan Baines,

Can this website be viewed in different languages?


As this website very rarely uses 'rasterised' images (where text is converted to an image file), it means it is possible for Google (Google Translate) to translate it all.

Who made the icons on this website?

The icons on our website are mainly from and we drew the rest in school.

Can you do gestures on this website?

The image galleries on our website often let you swipe left or right to cycle through them. It works on smartphones and iPads.

Our website also works with pinch to zoom on both mobile and desktop.


Yes. It works well in either orientation.

Can this website be added to the home screen?

Yes, it is possible to add to the home screen on iOS (iPhones and iPads).

There is a special icon which hopefully looks nice next to your other apps.

Instructions: How to Add Website Shortcuts to the iPhone Home Screen [MAKEUSEOF.COM]

1. Go to the website and tap the Share button on the menu bar (its icon is a box with an arrow sticking up from it), then choose 'Add to Home Screen'

2. Choose Add

3. There is now a icon on your Home Screen


Yes! is 100% https.

We were the first school in Leeds to achieve this, in October 2016.

Are future technical improvements planned for this website?


Can I print the pages on this website?

Yes. We have tested that printing out pages on our website works. 

We also offer the additional option that many of our web pages let you download the content as a PDF or Microsoft Word document that will print out easily with the correct formatting.

Whilst smartphones, iPads and Apple computers can open PDFs, you may need to add support for opening PDF files to your system by downloading and installing the  free Acrobat Reader software from Adobe.

Is this website accessible?

We try to ensure our pages can be accessed by as many people as possible. The site has been designed to HTML guidelines. In addition, throughout the design of this site we have tried to follow the guidelines set out by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Paper copies of information on the website are provided to parents and carers on request without charge. Where the information is required as a translation, in Braille or audio tape no charge is to be made for parents.

What is the school home?

The School Home (also called Student Home and Staff Home) replaced our Learning Platform.

  • You can follow the links below which work either at school or at home.

  • Only current staff and students can view the school home

  • Use your ICT username and password to login

Do you have a vCard with St. Mary's Menston's contact details?

This electronic contact card, or vCard, can be read by most email software (including Microsoft Outlook,, Microsoft Windows, Google Contacts, iPad and iPhone) and can be an easy way to save contact details.

St. Mary's Menston contact details (vCard)

Does this website have an RSS Feed? has an RSS news feed of our news stories you can subscribe to:

Our News

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, blogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS feed to whoever wants it. The benefit of RSS is that it solves a problem for people who regularly visit many websites - allowing you to easily stay informed by the latest content from the sites you are interested in 'coming to you'. This means users save time by not needing to visit each site individually. 

RSS works on iPhones and iPads as well as computers – we recommend using the Feedly service (which is free).

For more information about RSS visit

What are the HEART/Like BUTTONS on each news story?

The 'likes' on each news story are anonymous (nobody can ever see who liked each story) and not connected to Facebook likes at all.

They are simply a nice way to show your support for our pupils!

Tapping the heart leads to a nice animation with flying hearts.

Is there a Staff List on the website?

There is no St. Mary's Menston staff list on this website.

Do you have a Style Guide?

Yes, the St. Mary's Menston Editorial Style Guide is on this website.

Do you have Brand Guidelines?

Yes, the St. Mary's Menston Branding Style Guide is on this website


If you have a question about our website, please use our website help form to ask it