YouTube is the most popular video website in the world. Anyone on the internet can watch our YouTube videos. For, example we might post a video from Sports Day.

In addition to entertaining videos we make in school, we also link to other relevant, topical and interesting videos - for example, the St. Mary's Chaplaincy playlist  shows announcements by The Holy Father and videos by BustedHalo explaining Pentecost, Holy Week and Advent.
YouTube is the best place on the internet for videos because it works on all computers as well as iPads and smartphones. It is also available on some televisions, such as a Samsung Smart TV or Apple TV.
Our YouTube channel often features high definition '1080P' resolution videos which we recommend to our users for best picture quality (if their internet connection is fast enough to handle it).
Our YouTube channel allows users to comment. Whilst we approve all comments before they are displayed (for safeguarding reasons) we encourage our school community to support our students by commenting on the videos. Note that to comment you do need a Google Account.
It is possible to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. This means that when we add a new video to our YouTube it appears automatically on your YouTube homepage or YouTube app. It is completely free to subscribe, but you do need a Google Account before you can subscribe to us.

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YouTube Help Centre