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St. Mary's Menston

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We are so pleased you are looking to join our Sixth Form.  All the information you need to apply is below.  


How to apply


Apply by completing the Application Form below and send to:


or by post to:

St Mary's Menston
Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
LS29 6AE


Note, that in order to create a curriculum that is broad and caters for the needs of as many students as possible, we ask students to confirm three subject choices and a reserve. A minority of students may choose a fourth subject. This enables us to organise the timetable so that most students can pursue their first choice subjects.

Before you apply


Before applying we encourage you to read the following documents to help inform your decision making.  We are also happy to help you in the completion of your application, or support you in choosing the course and pathway for you. If you are currently at St Mary's, then an appointment will be arranged for you.  If you are an external applicant, please email j.andrews@stmarysmenston.org for an appointment.


 Application Form

Pathways Admission Policy 2025

What next?


Internal Applicants

Close to the Easter Holiday we will send out letters to you confirming the offer of a place and we ask that applicants confirm their intention to take up the offer. Following GCSE examinations in the summer term, we invite all students who have been offered a place to attend an induction day where they will experience lessons in their chosen subjects and we will also come together for a social event during the day.

On GCSE results day, senior staff will meet with you and complete your enrolment. Students new to St Mary’s should contact the school if they wish to make any changes prior to starting in September.


External Applicants

When we receive your application we will invite you to the Sixth Form for a tour of the site and an informal discussion of your course choices.  You will also have an opportunity to meet some of the current Sixth Form students. If you wish to visit us beforehand, please get in touch at  j.andrews@stmarysmenston.org.