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PE - Core


"At St Mary’s we have a broad and balanced PE curriculum with a range of options for all students regardless of starting point. We believe if a student has a passion for sport we have a course available for them. Our goal is to prepare our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to live an active healthy lifestyle.”

Mr Thornton, Faculty Leader for Physical Education and Psychology


Course Content

Core PE Year 7 - 9

Students at KS3 work through a series of carefully sequenced learning episodes which build on one another year on year to help students to make progress in their skills and knowledge. This ‘spiral’ style curriculum aims to build on prior knowledge to ensure that knowledge and skills are fully embedded and ensures that multiple opportunities are used to apply knowledge and skills on a regular basis. Lessons are expected to have a new focus and can transition through previous elements to ensure prior learning has been sufficiently grasped. The curriculum is designed to give opportunity to a range of sports and skills. A high school level can still be attained whilst not being fully proficient in each skill or sport.
Each block of work is 6-8 lessons long and consists of 6 skill/application lessons and 2 application lessons. 

Core PE Years 10 and 11

St Mary’s KS4 curriculum is a seamless continuation of the key stage 3 curriculum. This therefore ensures that the skills, tactics and key concepts are continued to be built upon with a key emphasis on developing physical attributes within both team and individual games. These games include rugby, football, handball, netball, volleyball rounders, cricket and athletics, which help to build on their learning from key stage 3. Additional units such as fitness help to develop students in to well-rounded sports students. Students continue to have the opportunity to evaluate their own performance and demonstrate knowledge of how to improve. The extra-curricular offer includes a variety of sports and students perform in both school and community sports clubs.
Chance to study PE as a GCSE, yes we have 2 alternative pathways both level 2 courses:

  • OCR Sports Science
    GCSE PE = Physical factors affecting performance: Applied anatomy and physiology coupled with physical training. Sociocultural issues and sports psychology alongside health fitness and wellbeing. Students will be practically assessed in their 3 strongest sports (1 team, 1 individual and 1 either team or individual) whilst also completing a written NEA analysing and evaluating a sporting performance.
    OCR Cambridge National in Sport Science helps students appreciate how sport science underpins sport at all levels. They learn about anatomy, physiology, injury prevention, improving personal fitness through appropriate training and diet, and the role of psychology in improving performance.



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