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St. Mary's Menston

Trips, Opportunities and Leadership

We are passionate that every student here at St Mary's has the opportunity to enjoy a full, fun and enriching post-16 experience. One that takes them beyond the classroom and maybe even out of their comfort zone. That is why we offer a varied and rich programme of events and activities beyond the formal curriculum. All our students are offered the opportunity to participate and achieve in creative, sporting and academic areas and to share personal interests and enthusiasms with fellow students and staff thereby enriching their skills and personal and social development.  

Trips and Opportunities (UK and Overseas)

An emphasis on the development of global citizens is promoted through foreign learning and cultural exchanges, World Challenge expeditions and the Bambisanani Partnership with Mnyakanya High School in South Africa - here are some pictures of a few.




  • Work with younger students as a fully-qualified mentor, as a careers ambassador, or a maths or literacy tutor
  • Complete a written application and interview process to become part of our highly respected Student Manager Team, or get elected by your peers to become Head Girl/Boy or a member of the Student Parliament and make real changes to the school according to your priorities
  • Support teachers in their lessons, using your unique position to become an aspirational role-model for younger students, helping them in turn to achieve their potential.
  • Become involved with primary schools as a Sports Leader or helping out with KS2 SATs


Football Scholarship

The Aire Wharfe Scholarship Programme is a unique football based development programme for girls and boys aged 16–19.

  • Training sessions each week, focussing on technical and tactical development
  • Nutritional Workshops and advice
  • Fixtures in the National Colleges League each Wednesday
  • Video analysis of matches played
  • All coaches UEFA and FA Qualified
  • Completion of FA Level 1 and Level 2 coaching courses
  • Player pathway to u’21 and u’23 football

Leeds Trinity University Debating Competition

Prepare for a career in politics or the law by learning how to research and debate complex and emotive topics in a powerful but respectful way.  The skills and confidence students will develop are very highly valued by employers and universities alike, but the competitions are great fun as well – who doesn’t love an argument?

Wellbeing Wednesdays

A range of activities through the year to develop mental and physical wellbeing

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Diploma

The diploma recognises, encourages and rewards the completion of a wide range of tasks, that take place in the classes, in school and beyond. These tasks have been chosen by sixth form students as being things that they believe are important in their own personal development and growth.  The tasks particularly focus on embodying essential character traits and virtues: practical wisdom, courage, justice, solidarity, temperance, love, faith and hope. The diploma culminates in the Mission Day Walk up on Ilkley Moor, where a great time is had by all, and a celebratory meal and prize-giving afterwards.