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St. Mary's Menston

Media (Year 10 - 11)

"In the 21st century, it is an indisputable fact that media saturates our lives, having an enormous impact on us and our relationships with others. The course we provide offers a fascinating exploration of a variety of media platforms, which will enable you to understand its relationship with culture; examining whether it reflects or constructs cultural beliefs and behaviours within space and time.”

Miss Crompton, Head of Department for Media

Subject Overview

Media plays a key role in contemporary society and culture, shaping perceptions of the world through the representations, belief systems and narratives it provides. Studying Media at St Mary’s will allow you to recognise the impact of different media products on individuals and societies. Our Media course will also ensure you engage with media as an industry, examining how media institutions operate to reach their audiences. Our choice of course, provided by eduqas, and the experienced teachers offering provision, will ensure you develop skills and knowledge that enable you to critically engage with a range of rich and stimulating media platforms. As part of your study, you will also have the opportunity to use what you have learned to create a media product of your own. The global nature of media, and the growth resulting from technological developments within this arena, suggests its importance will only increase, as will the career opportunities it continues to provide.

Course Content

Media Year 10 - 11

Students are introduced to key concepts within a theoretical framework which consists of media language, representation, media industries and audiences. Students study topics such as:
• Theoretical framework: media language, media industries, audiences, representation.
• Newspapers (in depth study)
• Film
• Video games
• Radio
• Magazines
• Advertising and marketing
• Television (crime drama)
• Music marketing
• Creating media products (coursework)















Curriculum Documents

•Curriculum Map