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"At St Mary’s we aim to inspire students about the world around us – to enable them to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world, its human and physical processes, and understand their place within it.”

Miss Burton, Subject Leader of Geography

Subject Overview

The Geography curriculum at St. Mary’s allows students the opportunity to explore the world around them and understand their role within it. Students study a wide variety of topics which allow them to understand the complex relationships, interactions and dependencies between the physical world and the human built environment. Geography promotes curiosity, creativity and enables students to develop a range of skills, from the traditional map skills to extended writing, and critical analysis of information and data. We aim to equip students with skills to enable them to become more responsible global citizens and expand their horizons beyond the classroom.

Course Content

Geography Years 7 - 9

Students explore the key concepts of place and space, global interactions, and key geographical processes through topics such as:
• Demographic change and urbanisation
• Contrasting global environments – deserts, rainforests, cold environments
• Growing economies and cities – India, China, Middle East
• Global issues – climate change, sustainability

Geography Years 10 and 11

Students follow the AQA Specification and cover:
• Natural Hazards - Weather, Climate and Tectonic
• Living World – Rainforests and Deserts  
• Physical Landscapes of the UK – Rivers and Coasts
• Economic Change – UK and Nigeria
• Urban Challenges – London and Rio
• Resource Management



I really enjoy learning about a wide variety of different places in Geography. We look at places from Antarctica, to Africa and the Middle East and China. I love learning how different people live in different environments.

Michael Ade-up