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St. Mary's Menston


"Languages are the gateway to new worlds and experiences. The ability to communicate with native speakers and understand other cultures will prepare our students for success in careers with a global outlook.”

Mrs Beesting, Faculty Leader for Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Overview

At St Mary’s we have high aspirations for all our students to study a foreign language and encourage our students to see a world beyond the familiar. We are passionate about languages and the opportunities they bring to future careers and life experiences.
Our aim is to create confident communicators and to develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, to become culturally and linguistically aware of the world. Our residential trips to France and Germany in Year 10 offer our students the opportunity to put into practice the language learnt in the classroom and support them in becoming competent linguists.

Course Content

MFL Years 7 - 9

Students learn French as their first language in Year 7, with some students going on to learn German in Year 8 as a second language. They will develop their knowledge of the essential vocabulary, grammar and phonics:
• Greetings and basic information about self
• Giving information about others
• Learning about the world around them
• Developing an awareness of different cultures
• Past, present and future tenses

MFL Years 10 -11 

Students continue to expand their vocabulary and grammar knowledge in the following topic areas:
• Family and relationships
• Technology
• Free time
• Customs and festivals
• House and area
• Social and global issues
• Travel and tourism
• School life
• Future plans and careers  



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I have really enjoyed the challenge of learning French and German. It gives you a sense of the real world and what new opportunities lie ahead. I look forward to continuing my languages at A-level and learning more about the history and culture of those countries

Johnny Jones, Year 11 student