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St. Mary's Menston

Student Parliament

Your Parliament - Your Voice

Our Student Parliament is a platform for communication and change in our school.  

It is a platform where the voices of the students matter, their ideas count, and their actions make a difference.


Your Representatives

Each form has two elected Members of Parliament to advocate for the rights, interests and concerns of the form.  They are the student voice within our school community.

Members of Parliament sit on one of the six departments as seen in this diagram below:


Each parliamentary department then take specific responsibility for the following:


Each department has a Minister, a Deputy Minister and up to ten Junior Ministers (MPs).

A Forum for Ideas

The Student Parliament is the place where students can express their thoughts, share ideas and propose change to enhance our school experience.  


Empowerment and Leadership

Our Ministers learn the importance of our fundamental British values which underpin what it is to be a citizen in a modern and diverse country - democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith.

Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills which will serve them well beyond their school years.  They learn to collaborate, debate and make decisions which impact the community.

Our Student Parliament is only as strong as its members. We are incredibly grateful for our Ministers who volunteer and give up their time in this role.