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St. Mary's Menston

Pastoral Care Years 7-11

We believe in broadening and enriching our students so that they develop the values, resilience and motivation to succeed in life outside school.  We promote a positive behaviour policy, focussed on teaching them good habits, behaviour and routines.

Mr Moran, Deputy Headteacher

Year Group Themes

Year-Group-Themes (ID 1020)




  • Y7 - Belonging
  • Y8 - Responsibility
  • Y9 - Choices
  • Y10 - Challenges
  • Y11 - Discernment




Student Progress Leaders


Students are supported by Student Progress Leaders (SPL) and Directors of Key Stage responsible for the overall academic progress and pastoral care of the year group. 

SPLs (ID 1033)



Our Mentors provide our students with social, emotional and wellbeing support.  

Mentors (ID 1035)

Other Pastoral Support

Attendance Officer Mrs Nunn
Pupil Services Mr Blundy
Inclusion Support Manager Mrs Chattoe
Safer Schools Police Officer PC Woods
Catholic Care Counsellors Mrs McDonald, Miss Linley