Saint John Baptist de La Salle

Gift from David Geldart to our school features the words of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of all those who work in education.

Painting: Saint John Baptist de La Salle

  • John Baptist de La Salle (1651–1719) was a French priest, educational reformer, and founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.
  • Mr Geldart, who attended De La Salle College, Manchester during the 1970s, has curated some of his favourite quotes and had them impressively framed.

“To touch the hearts of your students and inspire them with Christian spirit is the greatest miracle you could perform.”
“Inspire and lead others by encouraging them.”
“The way you behave should be a role model for those you teach.”
“God has chosen you to do His work.”
“Do your part to build up the Kingdom of God in the
hearts of your students.”

Photo: Mrs Findlay and Mr Geldart together with the gift (which has been permanently displayed in our Main corridor.