Tribute to members of staff leaving St. Mary's today

At our end of term briefing for staff, which took place this afternoon, we paid tribute to members of staff who are leaving. I would like to share with our whole school community some of the sentiments expressed at the farewell.

Mrs Sue Keinhorst has been with us for thirteen years and has very effectively fulfilled the role of cover supervisor and senior cover supervisor, and also supported and run numerous extra-curricular activities including The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and staffing the World Challenge expedition. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas and has enhanced the contribution to this area of school life immeasurably, and will, hopefully, go on to support many young people beyond St. Mary’s, and enjoy travelling the world in the process.



Mrs Helen Doyle, a much respected Maths teacher and a key member of the Maths team, is, once again, leaving us, with our good wishes for herself and her family in the future.


Miss Catherine Garrett

Catherine Garrett joined St. Mary’s in September 2006 as Faculty Leader for Communications and Modern Foreign Languages, and soon took a promoted post as Assistant Headteacher, followed by posts as Acting Deputy, Deputy, Senior Deputy and Acting Co-head with Mr Rothwell. Throughout this time the school has been recognised for many achievements, including Outstandings at Ofsted and Section 48 inspection.  She has been a devoted and passionate Teacher of English and is an outstanding lead practitioner and has always enjoyed teaching English to all abilities and ages, including Sixth Form, with outstanding results.

Miss Garrett takes up a new post as Director of Academy Standards for the Abbey Trust and we wish her every success in her future career.  


I would like to add my personal thanks to this message. We have an incredibly dedicated, strong team at St. Mary's and the staff leaving us will be missed: however we wish them a very productive, happy and rewarding future. They leave an incredibly positive legacy: their contribution to the education of many thousands of St Mary's students has helped form the lives of these young people.

Darren Beardsley, Headteacher
Friday 16 December 2016