Key Stage 3 Production 2016

St. Mary's presents A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Key Stage 3 Production 2016

A display celebrating the success of this production will appear near the Main Hall, replacing the Macbeth (2014) display.


In recognition of the 400th Anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, St. Mary’s Menston welcomes you to their Key Stage Three production of one of his most famous plays ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Come and watch as three plots connected by a celebration of the wedding of Duke Theseus of Athens and the Amazon Queen Hippolyta begin to intertwine. 

Taking place simultaneously in a woodland and the realm of the fairies, led by Oberon and Titania, the King and Queen of the fairies, the Lovers have run away from the world of Athens, the Mechanicals are attempting to rehearse a play fit for the Duke’s wedding and Oberon quarrels with Titania over an Indian boy whom they both want. Throughout this, the mischievous Pucks create confusion as they use their magical powers.

The Cast

The Athenians
Theseus Magnus Cameron (8P)
Hippolyta Catherine Westhead (8F)
Egeus Mia Beck (8F)
Philostrate Caitlin Spencer (8M)
The Lovers
Demetrius Callum Hillyard (7M)
Lysander Jacob Ireton-Bourke (8W)
Helena Imogen Green (8W)
Hermia Anna Jones (8F)
The Mechanicals
Bottom Nathan Pickstone (7W)
Quince Aisling Hendron (8F)
Flute Finn Eastcott (7P)
Starvelling Niamh Howley (7G)
Snug Archie Bange (8W)
Snout Isabella De Jesus (7M)
The Fairies
Puck 1 Matthew Danby (8W)
Puck 2 Rachael Buxton (7M)
Oberon Theo Labbett (8M)
Titania Rachael Redmond (8C)
Titania’s Fairies Anna Brown (7F), Joanna Bowman (7W), Gabrielle Morgan (7W)
Grace Barnes (8C), Sabrina Spilker (8C), Kizzy Tremlett (8G),,Kiera Fagan (8M), Klara McMenamin (8M), Katie Charlton (8W)
Front of House Fairies Caitlin Hall (8F), Ellen Parkes Calzado (8G)
Rebecca Gallagher (7G), Rosa Greenhalgh (7G)

The Crew

Directors Miss E Exworthy and Miss E Slater
Assistant Director Miss C Andrews
Student Directors Lily Humphreys, Louisa Morris, Chloe Tinson
Sound Miss E Exworthy
Lighting Miss C Andrews
Producer Miss E Exworthy
Stage Management Year 12 Theatre Studies students
Tickets Year 12 Theatre Studies students
Photographer Mr M Gosling
With grateful thanks to: Miss C Andrews for all of her help, Mr M Barker and the Site Management Team for all of their support.

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