Key Stage 3 Production 2019

The performance of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe took place on Wednesday 3 July

“...Every member of the cast put their whole heart in to telling the story, and delivered a fantastic performance. The students created a wonderful atmosphere during the creation and performance of this production. Each child showcased their talents and passion for performing, and it was a joy to watch the whole process. The students involved, both on and off stage, should be extremely proud of themselves, and I hope to see them in future St. Mary’s productions. Well done, and thank you to all involved.”
— Mr Darren Beardsley, Headteacher

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The Cast

Lucy Ana Dias
Edmund Daniel Hornby
Susan Ruby Grant
Peter Henry Kent
Aslan Noah Spenceley
The White Witch Georgia Specchia
Mr Tumnus Lewis Taverner
Mr Beaver Oliver Parish
Mrs Beaver Hattie Southern
Baby Beaver Gemma Knight
Maugrim Edie Wraithmell
Fox Eleanor Rock
Oreius Fran Tadayon
Arini Olivia Morgan
Mother Erin Evans
Professor Oliver Button
Henchman 1 Ben Fletcher
Henchman 2 Mia Crowther
Mrs Macready Cecilia Hester
Miss Macready Lola Duggan
Father Christmas Alexander Hartley
Wolves Mia Cotton, Emily O’Rourke, Eimear Lawton, Martha Marjora, Rachel Joyce
Robin 1 Poppy Fletcher
Robin 2
Dale Crotty
Philip Molly Broughton
Flora Lily Edwards
Guard Isobel Dobson
Train Conductors Joseph O’Sullivan, Katie Heyburn
Dancers Isabelle Baines, Clara Agnew, Ruby Harford, Hannah Carney, Alice Dutton
Tech and Backstage Lucy Tunstall (Lights), Austin Riley (Sound), Tilly Ashley (Rehearsal Support), Matty Magee (Props)
Ensemble Emily Southern, Dan Kelly, Evie Connor, Christopher Bradley, Amber Butland, Millie Dobson, Lily Keville, Lucy Rosser
  • Technical Director: Mr D Bowes

  • Director: Miss P Slater

  • Photography: Mrs C Barnes