World Challenge

Last updated: 04/08/2018

Many pupils are involved in the World Challenge expeditions in locations such as the Himalayas, Peru and Tanzania. The 2016 expedition went to Nepal and the 2018 Expedition is going to be to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Please enjoy looking through our collection of photos and news stories from past World Challenge expeditions.

World Challenge News Stories

“During Years 10 and 11, a new venture to travel to far away destinations in South America, India, Asia and Africa with World Challenge is launched.

The students depart almost two years later allowing time for fundraising and earning their passage costs to go on a fantastic Expedition which is THEIR Expedition.

A destination is sourced and the students shape the expedition, lasting 4 weeks, into where they want to visit, the type of project undertaken, environments they wish to experience and a challenge of striding onto trails, passes and climbs discovering remote places.

Students learn to communicate with locals through booking accommodation and transport, shopping and teaching, learn new skills, not least living out of a backpack and camp craft for a month, team work and leadership; always jobs to plan, organize and do.

Students grow in confidence, deal with the unusual, support each other, work to a budget, learn about different cultures living amongst local communities, share experiences, and appreciate the differences.

It is a huge adventure!”
— Mrs Keinhorst

World Challenge Expeditions 2006–18

Year Destination
2006 Himalayas (India)
2008 India
2010 Peru
2012 Tanzania
2014 Ecuador
2016 Nepal
2018 Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Nepal 2016

Nepal World Challenge 2016

Ecuador 2014

Ecuador World Challenge Expedition 2014

Tanzania 2012

Tanzania World Challenge Expedition 2012

Peru 2010

Peru World Challenge 2010

India 2008

India World Challenge 2008

Himalayas (India) 2006

Himalayas World Challenge 2006


The John Muir Award model is the common thread that runs though our Ullswater Residential, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and the World Challenge.

The John Muir Award "encourages people to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places."

You can see a permanent display celebrating our school's 'Outward Bound' work in the stairwell near Room H33.